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Kisii county better known for its bananas and soap stone trade is also home to the Kisii highlands catchment. At 1500 to 2150 meters above sea level ,the catchment begins west of Kericho highlands and extends westwards close to lake Victoria, which is believed to be the source of the spectacular river Nile.

The full bodied traits of Kisii highland teas are a product of the environment in which it is nurtured. The widely spread highlands and the lake basin influence ,attracts plenty of rainfall combined with the relatively warm weather and mineral rich volcanic soils that infuse the tea buds with a spring of distinctive tea characteristics.
The wide variety of volcanic soils and the combination of inherent unique geographical features contributes to the distinctively subtle taste. Within the slopes of the Kisii highlands, are a variety of teas which possess copious amounts of eminently coppery rich bodied, deeply pungent and mildly flavored brews. Visit the Kisii highlands tea belt and feed yours eyes with the panoramic view and while you are it, make a point to sample the carving mastery of the Kisii soap stone artisans as well as the vibrant banana farming.


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