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We make five (5)  black orthodox grades as follows:

    FOP- Flowery Orange Pekoe   OP-Orange Pekoe   BOPF

FOP- Flowery Orange Pekoe
This grade is the largest of the leaf grades. It’s a whole leaf grade.  It does not contain tips as it is usually made from the bulky teas of the last roll. The leaf has an attractive appearance. It has a light cup and is marketed for its leaf appearance and flavoury liquor.

It also has a large leaf. It’s a whole leaf grade. It contains both wiry and rolled ball like leaf. Its liquor is usually rich in flavour as well as some strength. It is also demanded more for its attractive appearance and cup quality.

OP-Orange Pekoe
It is a fancy looking grade. It contains numerous tips as it is made from the fines. The liquors are quite balanced. It consists of very tightly rolled leaf resulting in a very attractive twisted and wiry appearance. It is demanded more for its attractive leaf appearance and its balanced cup. The production of OP is small.

BOPF- Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings
This is the bulk of the black orthodox teas. It contains both broken leaf and tips. It is relatively small in size and it has rapid brewing properties and gives a good strong flavour and colourly liquors.

OF-Orange Fannings
It is the smallest of all the grades. It contains the fannings of the whole leaf as well as that of the tips. Its liquor is quite strong with some background flavour. It is marketed more for its liquor than leaf appearance.


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