Who we are

The KTDA Foundation Limited is a non-profit charity of the Kenya Tea Development Agency (Holdings) Limited.

It was incorporated on 17th April 2010 under the Companies Act (Cap. 486) as a company limited by guarantee.

Key Objective

The Foundation seeks to raise funds in Kenya and abroad to initiate and support programmes that improve the welfare of small-holder tea farmers in Kenya and participate in other needy causes.

Group CSR

The Foundation is the vehicle through which KTDA (H), its Subsidiary Companies and Factory Companies will carry out corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

It will initiate, co-ordinate, support and publicise CSR activities of the Group.

Focus Areas

Focus areas The Foundation has identified four core areas it wishes to focus on in its formative years:

  • Environment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Grower Education and Advocacy
  • Supporting Initiative:
  • Grower Empowerment

The Foundation will partner with like-minded organizations that are involved in projects that advance its objectives.

A general criteria for selection of areas of engagement is the location/beneficiaries of proposed projects: they

should be within the KTDA Group of Companies’ “catchment areas.”


KTDA National Tea Scholarships

KTDA Foundation seeks to grant scholarships to needy but bright pupils for Secondary School Education in the tea growing catchment areas.
The foundation will grant 1 scholarship from each of the 65 KTDA affiliated factories for 2013
Needy students who excelled in last years' KCPE examinations are required to apply for consideration.

For more information contact your Factory Unit Manager.
The deadline for submission to the factories is on 22nd February 2013